Sopa de Lima


Sopa de Lima or Lime Soup is one of one of the most delicious heart warming soups you will ever try.  It is typical of Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula and every easy to make back home if you want to be reminded of your vacation in Cancun.

Sopa de lima is not all that different from the tortilla soup. Both are made with a seasoned poultry broth and served with shredded meat and crisply fried corn tortilla strips, which add texture and flavor to the soup. But it’s the subtle differences in flavoring that set them apart, starting with the broth.

In Mexico it is made with turkey and you can use chicken but the flavours from the turkey are so much richer.  This broth is made from scratch from turkey or chicken carcass and some herbs, half an onion and garlic.  You add a stick of cinnamon, black peppercorns and oregano.  Put in the chicken or turkey pieces and simmer for half an hour.

Meanwhile, thread whole, unpeeled cloves of garlic on a metal skewer and hold them directly over the gas flame on the stove top until they’re black on all surfaces and the skin starts to flutter off. Next,  do the same with a couple of tomatoes –  Then peel them and you will find that  the garlic and tomatoes retain a  smoky flavor from their charred skins which give the flavour to the soup after you fry them with the onions and peppers.

Once the sofrito and broth are ready,  combine the two and season the soup with salt.

To serve the soup, shred up some of the chicken or turkey and place it in the bottom of a warm serving bowl before topping it up with the hot broth and a handful of tortilla strips. A little chopped cilantro and some sliced limes finish it off.

The perfect Sopa de Lima to remind you of your Cancun Vacation!

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