History of Cancun


Only 40 years ago, Cancun Mexico was a brand new tourist destination.  In the 1970s the former Mexican president Echeverilla started an ambitious project to build up a tourist destination to outshine Acapulco which at that time was the millionaire´s playground.   This brand new, world-class resort was planned to be built on the Yucatan Peninsula in Cancun. Continue reading

Turtle Conservation Project in Cozumel

sea-turtle-1Check out this video taken on the island of Cozumel near Cancun, one of the Treasures of the Caribbean.  It was filmed by conservationists with the help of the Ecological Office.  They were helping baby turtles out of their nests to increase the chances of survival.  Truly magical…..!!


Isla Blanca Kite Festival 2016


Isla Blanca Kite Festival was held on the 27,28 February.  This year was the best festival yet!

Jim Martin who is a  world renowned single line kite flyer, visited us here in Cancun for the first time. The winds were fantastic and he was able to fly some really big kites! Penny Lingenfelter supported us by coming and flying her four line Revolution kite. The kids enjoyed the Peter Pan and Mario skits. We were also blessed with the company of Bethany and Andy Wilson, kite flyers from Utah.  Roberto Reyes and Cira Caballero, kite makers and flyers from Cancun flew their own kites and also did the piñata de papalotes on both Saturday and Sunday which the kids loved.

Here is the video on YouTube

Still photos of the festival are available at


Beach restoration project in Cancun

Cancun has always been known for the majestic beauty of its shoreline and so has successfully begun the beach recovery project with an investment of more than USD $71 million dollars ($957 million pesos).  The beach restoration project began on September 4th, 2009 with the delivery of more than two thousand tons of pipeline material to Cancun and the project will deliver(6.1 million cubic meters of sand to replenish Cancun’s Hotel Zone seashore.    Although the beach recovery project has experienced some unforeseen delays due to the weather, it continues to advance successfully and it is already possible to to see a fantastic improvement.  It is due to be completed on February 10th 2010. Continue reading