Holbox Gastronimic Festival 2016


Holbox Island is preparing to host the 5th edition of the Holbox Gastronomic Festival,  aptly named the Eat, Love and Contemplate Gastronomic Festival 2016.  It will be held from November 10th through to the 12th on the beautiful idyllic island of Holbox.

Founded in 2012 and titled “Eat, Love and Contemplate” this gastronomic event is an unmatched opportunity for the residents and visitors of Holbox to sample the fruits of the hard working restaurants on the Island and celebrate a common passion – food. The entire town participates in the festivities, from the dance troupes of carnival, to the mother’s of Holbox, to the local musicians. The Governor of the State of Quintana Roo is an honored guest and lectures from Mexico’s award winning chefs and a concert from at least one internationally recognized musician are part of the festivities of this 4-day event in mid-November.

For more information on fabulous things to do in Holbox please visit A guide to Holbox


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