Xplor is a unique underground world, with four activities that invite you to Xplor and rediscover your emotions and senses immersed in nature.

 65 million years ago a massive asteroid struck the Yucatan peninsula, bringing to an end an era.  Dinosaurs were extinguished and gave rise to new forms of life on our planet. Nonetheless, beneath the surface, even more amazing changes were taking place.  Rain filled the basin formed by the crater, which eroded the stone and formed caverns which, over millions of years, nature sculpted a miraculous underground landscape.

As the water level goes down, these caverns continue to form stalagmites and stalactites by the constant filter of rain water that dissolves the calcium carbonate and deposits a miniscule amount of mineral at the tip of every formation.  Nature has sculpted these caverns since before the first man was born and will continue to change this miraculous underground landscape with every beat of its heart.

This unique place is found in the heart of the Riviera Maya on the highway to one side of Xcaret.

Xplor offers you the chance to dive deep into the entrails of the Earth in way that would previously have been unimaginable, submerging yourself in a sea of stalactites and stalagmites,  navigating on an underground raft, after a fantastic flight through the jungle, or like a modern Xplorer, driving an amphibious vehicle that can travel equally on water and underground and also through the intricate paths filled with thick foliage.

Xplor is the most exclusive park in the Rivera Maya and the only space in Mexico that offers all the best activities in one place.  The cutting edge equipment used is the best and safest in the world.


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