Sea Turtle Season Begins in Cancun

A sea turtle swims past a school of butterflyfish

Sea turtle season is currently upon us and in response, the destination is implementing the efforts of an established conservation program. 90% of all beachfront hotels in Cancun and Puerto Morelos work with the City Council and the Department of Ecology to set up Campo Tortu-gero, a marine turtle conservation program.
Prior to nesting season, informational pamphlets are sent to all beach-front hotels and advice how to facilitate the nesting process, what to do when spotting a nesting turtle and the precautions that should be taken. Training information for security and beach patrols are also given with specific focus on how to differentiate between turtle species and how to build nest barriers to keep the eggs safe.

Participating hotels assign a person to coordinate with City field super-visors in all aspects of this program, from gathering eggs into corrals to supervised turtle releases when the eggs finally hatch.
Cancun does its best to make sure that these endangered creatures have their best shot of survival by ensuring successful hatchings all throughout the hotel zone and other beach areas in their jurisdiction.


One thought on “Sea Turtle Season Begins in Cancun

  1. Sea turtle season is one my favorite times in Cancun. Living here and getting to see the birth of baby turtles and helping them to the ocean is just priceless! I really respect the Cancun beach authorities for taking part in this animal saving ritual!

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