Get Up Close and Personal with the Gentle Giants in Cancun!


Cancun, one of the hottest spots to enjoy the truly amazing experience of swimming with the whale sharks, invites you to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. Every year the destination welcomes visitors as well as celebrities to take part in this unique experience across the summer until the beginning of September.


As many as 1,400 whale sharks may make their way through the waters north of Isla Mujeres every summer. Whale sharks are rare species and they are the largest fish in the world measuring up to 59 feet and weighing 15 tons. Its ample mouth extends to almost 5 feet when opened. In the 80’s there had been less than 350 confirmed in the entire world. Since then, consistent sightings have been recorded and its migration is now a magical experience that you can enjoy in few places throughout the world.

The waters surrounding Isla Mujeres and Contoy Island boast one of the densest populations of migrating whale sharks in the world. The presence of these creatures in the warm waters of the Yucatan Peninsula is thanks to the nutrient filled water, which generates a large quantity of available food. Those choosing to experience the wonder of swimming with them are accompanied by experts who provide all the necessary information to better understand their behavior. Once familiarized with the animal, you can jump off the boat accompanied by a guide and snorkel to see it up close. There is no need to fear, since this shark feeds exclusively on tiny organisms known as plankton; therefore they are completely harmless towards humans.


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