Eating Out in Cancun

huevos rancheros

Eating out in Cancun is a real treat as there is so much variety.  You will find everything here from fast food joints serving burgers and fries to elegant dining rooms offering haute cuising prepared by master chefs.

Due to its international population, you will find cuising from all over the world in the  Cancun restaurants offering everything from French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and American cuisine.  Many of the finer restaurants create fusion menus combining flavors from around the world with a Mexican twist.

Most of the restaurants in the hotel zone apart from the the all-you-can-eat buffets and fast food outlets, are moderately to very expensive.  If you are on a budget you should explore the downtown area where the locals eat and you will find some of the best food you have ever tasted.  If you see it is full of locals then be sure the food is good…. and cheap.


Breakfast is a big thing in Mexico.  If you head Downtown  for a late breakfast you can go to the Market 23 and have fresh seafood and local fare or anywhere you will find lots of egg dishes.  The most popular being ´huevos a la mexicana´(scrambled eggs with tomato, onion and chile) or ´huevos rancheros´ (fried eggs on a tortilla bathed in rich tomato sauce with a bit of a kick).  Pancakes with bacon, fruit salads and yogurt and granola are also favorites.

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