Cancun Goes Turquoise on Earth Day



earth day

The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is proud to launch the new Cancun Goes Turquoise initiative. Kicking off on Earth Day, this new campaign will promote and support efforts by hotels, restaurants, tour operators and other entities in the destination that strive to become more environmentally-friendly.

Turquoise is a combination of the colors blue and green, which are represented by the region’s lush jungles and crystalline waters – two of the area’s most important natural resources. Cancun Goes Turquoise will honor those organizations that implement programs to reduce their carbon footprint; preserve wildlife and their natural habitats; and support educational efforts on these fronts. The CVB hopes this campaign will also encourage more organizations to device more ambientally practices.

The Cancun CVB will launch Cancun Goes Turquoise on April 22 – Earth Day – supporting all turquoise initiatives through public relations and social media strategies. Using hashtags like #turquoiseinitiative on Twitter (@CancunCVB) and Instagram (VisitCancun), and #turquoisetuesdays on Facebok (CancunTravel), the destination will promote various efforts found throughout Cancun.

Cancun is home to several unique natural experiences that must be protected and preserved for future generations. Several local companies, hoteliers, government agencies and NGOs are working together to maintain Cancun’s natural resources.

The Caribbean Sea, an essential part of Cancun’s identity and access point to the world’s second largest barrier reef (The Mesoamerican Reef) is one of the destination’s most important sites. To protect the coral reefs, the Cancun Underwater Museum established more than 500 eco-friendly underwater sculptures that serve to divert divers away from the fragile reefs and provide an alternative dive site.

Between May and September, Cancun receives the largest concentration of Whale Sharks in the world. Not only do these big fish provide locals and tourists a natural spectacle off the waters of Cancun, but they also signify essential tourism dollars that are the bread and butter of many in Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox. Tour operators have set up guidelines to ensure the whale shark’s safety and yearly return. Some procedures include: specific use of biodegradable sunblock and a minimum of two swimmers and a guide in the water per boat.

Between May and November, hundreds of sea turtles make their way to Cancun to lay thousands of eggs. To ensure that the next generation of sea turtles has the best chance of survival, 90 percent of all beachfront hotels in Cancun and Puerto Morelos work with the City Council and the Department of Ecology to set up Campo Tortugero, a marine turtle conservation program. Prior to nesting season, informational pamphlets are sent to all beach-front hotels that contain instructions to facilitate the nesting process, what to do when spotting a nesting turtle and the precautions that should be taken. Security and beach patrols are trained on how to differentiate between turtle species and how to build nest barriers to keep the eggs safe from predators. Participating hotels assign a person to coordinate with city field supervisors in all aspects of this program, such as gathering eggs into corrals and scheduling supervised turtle releases when the eggs finally hatch – a popular activity that many hotels implement and offer to their guests as a memorable eco activity.

Cancun was recently chosen as the fourth most popular summer destination in the world for 2014 by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), and as such, the Cancun Goes Turquoise campaign will support hotels, restaurants and organizations that fight to maintain this exotic location as pristine as possible.


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