Cancun Goes Pink To Fight Breast Cancer

cancun goes pink


The Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is excited to announce its participation in the Twelfth Annual Crusade against Breast Cancer along with Grupo Desafio this October.

On October 1 and throughout the rest of the month of October, the Cancun International Airport Bridge, all government buildings in Quintana Roo, and the Benito Juarez Municipal Palace lit up pink to celebrate the united fight against breast cancer.

The 6th annual “Taking Flight” race was held in Cancun on October 4 in order to raise funds for breast cancer research and treatments for people affected. Group Desafio has also started the “Hope for Life” campaign that, with the support of several benefactors, will help pay for the lifesaving chemotherapy or radiation therapy of less-fortunate women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and cannot afford life-saving treatments.

ASUR, who operates nine airports in southeastern Mexico including the Cancun International Airport, is one of Grupo Desafios biggest benefactors and has been donating to this cause since July. These donations have already helped one woman pay for 25 radiation therapy treatments over the course of five weeks.

For the last seven years, Grupo Desafio A.C., led by Lillian Alarcon, has been working tirelessly to support breast cancer survivors and has been generating awareness about the importance of self-exams and early prevention methods to locals in Quintana Roo. They have also provided free educational forums for companies and institutions.

As the leading cause of death among women in the state of Quintana Roo, Cancun unites and “dresses in pink” this October in honor of the ongoing fight against breast cancer and to support all those who have suffered or are suffering from the disease. The Cancun CVB, along with Grupo Desafio and the city of Cancun, are proud to support the fight against Breast Cancer.


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