The Festival of the Oceans In Cancun

acopio y conteo de desechos

The Festival of the Oceans was conducted from June 6 to 8, 2013 with the purpose of promoting the care and love for the oceans through artistic, gastronomic, recreation and academic activities. In the artistic part it included the children’s drawing competition “The Oceans and I” having as winners: Michelle Ramírez Martínez in the category from 1st. to 3rd. primary school, Federica Sánchez y Carrillo in the category from 4th. to 6th. primary school and Andrea Gutiérrez Torres, winner of the secondary school category.

Two events were conducted in the gastronomic part: the Culinary Intercollegiate Competition where five academic institutions competed: Universidad del Caribe, Culinary, Universidad del Valle de Grijalba “For the Oceans” where Lionfish was the central theme of the dishes. Culinary was the winner, second place was Universidad Valle del Grijalba, while the third place was awarded to Instituto Tecnológico de Cancún.

The Festival concluded with a beach cleaning in Isla Blanca, municipality of Isla Mujeres, where 170 volunteers collected 409 kilograms of waste formed by 3 kilograms of plastic caps and cigarette butts, 22 kgs of PET, 138 kgs of glass and 246 kgs of not-reusable waste or garbage.

May this be a lesson to us all to look after our paradise.

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