6th Annual Whale Shark Festival, Cancun July 11-14

Tiburòn ballena

Cancun and Isla Mujeres welcome the world’s largest fish with the 6th Annual Whale Shark Festival taking place July 11 – 14.
Whale Shark season officially began on May 15 and will last until mid-September. These fish, known locally as Dominos, measure between 15 to 50 feet in length and weigh as much as 15 tons, making swimming alongside these species a thrilling experience.

These bus-sized creatures gather off the coast of Cancun in very large numbers during this time, becoming quite a spectacle for locals and tourists alike.  It is estimated that 1,400 whale sharks pass through the waters of Isla Mujeres every year, making the Island of Women a hot spot for whale watching and other activities.

The Whale Shark Festival was created in an effort to raise awareness to the preservation of the marine ecosystem and of this particular species.  Festivities are geared towards visitors and local children and families to explain the im-portance of this species and what they mean to the city and the environment.  Celebrations during this event mostly consist of interactive activities for families and include raffles to win tours to swim with these gentle giants.

To learn more about whale sharks and get to swim alongside them in the ocean visit http://cancun.travel/en/things-to-do/adventure/whale-shark/


One thought on “6th Annual Whale Shark Festival, Cancun July 11-14

  1. Esto es impresionante, nadar junto a estos bellos ejemplares de grandes dimensiones, este 2014 estaremos nuevamente dándoles la bienvenida, para nuestros visitantes será una experiencia inolvidable. Organicen sus vacaciones y consideren nadar con los tiburones.

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