Alltournative contribute to local Mayan community

Alltournative operate eco-archaeological expeditions in the Riviera Maya aimed at preserving the jungle while creating jobs and some financial income to improve the life of the villagers.

Pacchen is a great example of a Mayan community which has benefitted from sustainable tourism. One of the major difficulties which affected their primary school educations was the high turnover of teachers. This was because there was nowhere to spend the night, and since many of them came from other villages, the cost and the time of daily transport was too expensive.

Together with the civil association Centinelas del Agua for the teacher a house was built for the teacher assigned to the community to reduce the absenteeism and so that the children would have class throughout the whole of the school year. The money for the construction was raised at the Mayatlon which took place in March.

The keys to the house were handed over on the 15 May 2013 to the teacher Emilio Noh. The eco-friendly house was built on a piece of land adjoining the school which was donated by the community of Pacchen.

So a true success story for how eco-tourism can help the local communites.


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