World Windsurf Championship 2011 in Cancun, December 26-31

The World Windsurf Championship  Formula Experience will take place for the first time in Mexico from December 26 to December 31, 2011. This important event will be held at the beautiful Amada Marina & Beach Residences in Playa Mujeres,Cancun.

This location was chosen by the organizing committee because of the excellent wind conditions during the month of December and because of its great tourist potential. In Cancun the average wind speed at this time of year is about 18 knots (32 km/h) which allows the boards to reach speeds that double the speed of the wind (more than 60 km/h).

There will be competitors from various countries such as France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Italy, among others.

Mexico has excellent representatives such asf José Ordonez, who is the current North American runner up, Eduardo Cano, who won the 5th place in the Senior category at the 2008 World Championship in Peru, Pablo Ordorica (Coto), who seized the subtitle in South American in the Youth in Peru 2010 category; We have Demita Vega who is the Mexican Olympic representative in the women’s category, in the Junior category it is important to mention Josefina Cano who at only 12 years old won 5th place in the women’s category of the South American Championship 2010 in Peru, among others.

They have also included a Stand Up Paddle Surf competition, which is becoming one of the world’s fastest growing sports. There will be two tests, one relay, scheduled for December 28, and the long-distance test on 30 December.

The World Championship has been organized by the representatives of the Class Formula Experience in Mexico, with the endorsement of the IWA (International Windsurfing Association) and the Mexican Federation of Sailing, all this in collaboration with sponsors such as Pizza Hut, Coca Cola, Agua Cristal, Cancun Travel, Heineken, Oakley and Vitamin Water.

Their aim is to make this Championship the best in the history of this sport, so every effort is being made to attract as many participants spectators as possible so please come along and enjoy another fantastic event in Cancun.

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