Dance of the Sailfish in Cancun

Cancun is the perfect destination the encounter the fascinating dance of the sailfish. The sailfish, a beautiful, metallic blue coloured fish, is a ferocious predator and one of the fastest fish in the world, moving at speeds of up to 68 mph!  From January to June, just south of Isla Mujeres, lies an ecological reserve where there are massive sightings of sailfish who take over the warm waters of Cancun, creating an amazing display of the species.

The sailfish can jump up to 6 feet above the water when it is hunting thus letting the other sailfish know that it has found food.  Its swift movements and large bill drive small groups of fish to the surface of the water.  This hunting process makes the sailfish appear like its dancing on the water, hence the ‘Dance of the Sailfish’.The spectacle reaches its peak when the sailfish opens its dorsal fin, known as the sail, and changes dramatically from an opaque tone to sparkles of silver and blue, creating a distraction to its prey and a warning to its fellow sailfish that it is about to attack.

You can book a tour to see the sailfish with many local tour operators where you will be accompanied by experts who can explain more to you about the behaviour of these wonderful creatures. The dance of the sailfish is just one of the amazing  experiences you should not miss during your Cancun vacation.

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