Cancun Canoeiests win race leading up to the Sacred Mayan Crossing

se realizó con éxito la regata entre equipos que participarán en la 5ª. Travesía Sagrada Maya.JPG

A team of Canoeists from Cancun take first place during the race held in the lead up to the Sacred Mayan Crossing.

With the participation of 150 canoeists, all dressed in traditional pre-Hispanic outfits, the race  held in the lead up to the 5th edition of the Sacred Mayan Journey was a great success, completing almost five months of training that the competitors endured in preparation for the event. The event allowed competitors to test their abilities in open ocean conditions. The Cancun team arrived in first place, after rowing a course of about six and a half miles on the coast of Playa del Carmen, from Xcaret Park to the Caníbal Royal bar on Coco Beach.

The Sacred Mayan Journey which takes place from May 19-21st, recreates the pilgrimage of the ancient Mayas to worship the Goddess lx Chel; the race starts
at Xcaret Park wear the canoeists begin the approximate 17 mile journey to Cozumel.  Depending on weather conditions, the journey can take anywhere between four to seven hours, each way.

The event requires that all participants have a high fitness level as the boats are replicas of those used in pre-Hispanic times, in other words they do not offer
any modern comforts and various weather conditions such as strong sunrays, rain and ocean currents create a major challenge for each canoeist.

To help during the regatta, three boats with support staff will accompany the participants to ensure their safety at all times. For more information visit:

For information on where to stay or more information about the event or about Xcaret park please visit


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