Celebrate Cancun’s 41st Anniversary!

On April 20th, thousands of people from different cultures will come together to celebrate 41 years since the founding of Cancun.  This magical destination Cancun was created to offer foreign and domestic tourists a taste of Mexico:  full of flavor, color, culture, landscapes, nature and of course our renowned warmth.  Cancun is a multicultural destination where people from the 32 States of Mexico all provide a piece of their home  thus creating its own identity.
Cancun is a destination that attracts not only tourists, but also thousands of residents making it very cosmopolitan.  It is renowned for its tireless concern for nature and the environment and for its cultural and ethnic diversity
According to the 2009 census conducted by the National Institute of migration (INM) there are 10,753 people from North America, Africa, Asia, Arab, Europe, the Orient, South America and the Caribbean who have chosen Cancun to stay for a long period or to live.  Some of the most numerous groups of foreigners registered in Quintana Roo are from: United States with 2,140 individuals; Cuba, 1,172; Italy, 792;  Spain, 765; Argentina, 698, Canada 625 Germany 354; United Kingdom 306.
This April 20, 2011 there will be a parade to celebrate multiculturalism in Cancun with more than 2000 participants in two categories.  The first parade will include charros, antique cars, motorcyclists, scouts, sports clubs and more; and the second parade will be people from Yucatan, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Cuba, Italy and many others  parading in their traditional costumes.
This will be a day where we can stop being people from a specific state or country and come together to be proud Cancunenses and celebrate living in one of the best destinations in the world with not only areas of outstanding natural beauty but full of the warmth and hospitality of its people.a

If you are tempted to come and visit the wonderful resort of Cancun please visit www.cancun.travel to find all the information you require on hotels, restaurants, things to do, special events and more….


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