Little Mexican Cooking School in Puerto Morelos

In Puerto Morelos, the little colonial gem midway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, like many other businesses The Little Mexican Cooking School, is enjoying a bumper high season this year!  After putting over 500 tourist-students through the school last season, the school is now a raging success and is currently rated by Trip Advisor as #1 Excursion in the entire Yucatan Peninsula!

An idea from a friend ignited the exciting cooking school concept for Puerto Morelos. Catriona Brown, a seasoned traveller and Puerto Morelos resident immediately saw a great opportunity to offer a unique Mexican experience to travelers to the region. With Catriona’s business acumen and Canadian Patti Murphy’s background in the restaurant business, the venture took root and produced a ‘real live school’ 5 months later.  It launched on Dec 8, 2009, most of the classes sold out and they never looked back.

This season Chef Pablo Lopez Espinosa de los Monteros joined the school after spending 7 years in Canada operating his own restaurant in Squamish British Columbia named Café Maya which specialized in healthy versions of authentic Mayan fare.   Then Mexico beckoned and Pablo brought his wife and daughter Maya back to Mexico last year to reconnect with his roots.  He is now teaching the way of Mexican food and culture at the Little Mexican Cooking School and is the main chef this season.

The classes are full of information about the history and culture of Mexico’s cuisine, adding depth and color to the fascinating and varied delights that Mexico’s cuisine offers. Classes are Tuesday – Saturday and start at 10 am and include Mexican Coffee and pastries to start and goes on to include the teaching session in the kitchen followed by the hearty ‘sit-down’ Mexican late lunch. The school is proud to a part of what UNESCO awarded as Mexico’s Intangible Cultural Asset and to promote true Mexican tradition so that it is no lost to future generations

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