Cancun remains the No1 destination for American tourists

Cancun remained the preferred international destination to visit for American tourists in 2010, according to Orbitz, one of the most important online travel agencies in the world.

The Convention & Visitors Bureau of Cancun (CVB) revealed that this travel and reservations website  has published its first Orbitz Insider Index, 2011 which issued a retrospective of the most popular destinations to travel over the past year.  Orbitz said that although there were changes in travel trends in tourism, Cancun sustained its place of honor as the preferred destination to visit in 2010. San Juan, Puerto Rico, was in second place and London, fell to the third place.

Here are the Top Ten Orbitz Best International Travel Destinations 2010

1 Cancun, Mexico
2 San Juan, Puerto Rico
3 London, England
4 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
5 Riviera Maya, Mexico
6 Paris, France
7 Toronto, Canada
8 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
9 Niagara Falls, Canada
10 Rome, Italy

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