Dolphins in Cancun charm US National Football Team

Just a few days away from kicking off their participation in the Women’s World Cup Qualifying Tournament
defining the two CONCACAF picks who will participate in the Women’s World Cup to be held in Germany
in June 2011, the US Women’s National Team – one of the most favored to win – accepted an invitation
from the renowned dolphinarium chain, Delphinus, to swim and interact with dolphins, one of the signature
activities of Cancun, the host city of the World Cup qualifier.

The American squad enjoyed exclusive interaction with the dolphins in Delphinus Dreams Cancun, the
dolphinarium located in the heart of the hotel zone of this world-class tourist destination, and were amazed
by the “dolphin’s accessibility”, as they called it.

Defender Christie Rampone, Forward Abbie Wambach, who has scored 101 goals in 131 games, Defender
Heather Mitts, who has been Team Captain on more than 100 occasions, Midfielder Rachel Buehler, one of
the 15 highest scorers of the US Women’s Team, and Kristine Lilly, the award-winning veteran player who
is the USA’s leader in qualifying appearances, were among those selected for the team. These key players
and their teammates were thrilled with their swim with dolphin experience, which included being kissed
and “foot-pushed” by the dolphins, an experience where you are rapidly pushed along in the water by these
delightful creatures.

The US team expressed their gratitude to the Committee organizer and Delphinus for having given
them “such a special time” in the company of the ocean’s most charming cetaceans.


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