Cancun celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Although it sounds hard to believe in the year 1967, the area of Cancun was nothing but a deserted paradise, made up of mangroves and unspoiled beaches. A dream was born that would be key to Mexico’s economic history.  The dream was to develop a destination along the coast that would be specifically built for tourism.  This dream became reality in 1970.
But what is the secret of the resounding success of Cancun as a top tourist destination? The fact that its own people have helped Cancun cope with adversity, such as Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and the H1N1 in 2009. Despite all of this the characteristic friendliness of the inhabitants of Cancun is what keeps tourists coming back year after year to enjoy the variety of activities and quality services that this superb destination is known for. 

So now Cancun can celebtrate its  first forty years luxury as a luxury tourist destination!


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