NBCs Kerry Sanders headed off to Mexico for the thrill of a lifetime Today Show

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Now to an up-close encounter with the largest fish in the sea. NbC’s Kerry Sanders headed off to Mexico for the thrill of a lifetime. Reporter: in Cancun, Mexico, long before this was a tropical playground, the aquamarine waters here beckoned another thing, the world’s largest fish, as big as a school bus, a book of legend. It’s a huge a huge a huge. Reporter: up to 60 feet long, said fishermen. But who had ever seen such a fish? Haras palacios claims he saw his first one when he was 3 years old. Well, you feel like a piece of you because they’re huge animals. You also feel scared. You feel scared, like motion sickness. Reporter: in search of the unknown, we boarded a launch guided by a marine biologist who promised 20 to 30 miles off the coast wed find these so-called whale sharks. We’re going to see the whale sharks. Reporter: and just like they promised there they were, whale sharks that thankfully are not man-eaters. In all, we counted 64 gliding at the surface. Their mouths open, almost five feet wide, filtering the water to feed on fish eggs. The story goes, years ago, fishermen came out and actually caught one of these whale sharks, took it home and it tasted horrible. So, everyone pretty much ignored them. Then, about eight, nine years ago, one of the captains who was having a really bad day fishing wondered if maybe people would pay and go out and see these behemoths.


If you would like the opportunity to swim with whale sharks please visit http://cancun.travel/en/things-to-do/adventure/whale-shark/


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