High Expectations at the Cancun Travel Mart for the winter season in Cancun

travel mart

The Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Cancun Hotel Association confirmed that relationships between commercial partners have strengthened.  The majority of operators and tourism companies from the Mexican Caribbean who participated in Cancun’s Travel Mart Mexico Summit 2009 12th edition were pleased by the good results reached during the convention which guaranteed a 80% hotel occupancy for the next winter season.

During a press conference, CEO of the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau, Jesus Almaguer, and the President of the Cancun Hotel Association Rodrigo de la Pena,  stressed the importance of this tourism marketing event which included 650 delegates from 20 countries.  This event allows Cancun to strengthen its business relationship with wholesale agents whose objective is to increase the promotion and number of visitors to Cancun.

“If the economy is improving, we expect to have a good winter, similar to last years and a better 2010,” said Almaguer, who stressed the important rise in tourism that has been recorded within the United States, Canadian and Mexican markets. In addition, the online travel agency Travelocity announced during the tourism mart, an increase of 15 points was registered regarding sales to the touristic destination, while Expedia, another one of the most important online travel agencies with a presence in 15 countries, confirmed that Cancun is the primary tourism destination preferred by North Americans to visit outside of the United Sates.

“This is a good indicator. Proof that good things are being done, because these are companies that manage the pulse and trends of the North American travel market”, stated the Director.  The President of the Cancun Hotel Association stated that during the Cancun Travel Mart Mexico Summit 2009, the grand majority of the operators promised to work collectively to promote and increase the flow of visitors to Cancun and Puerto Morelos.

“Yes, the United States is our principal market, but Cancun is being promoted within other important niche markets allowing diversity,” emphasized the hotel leader after stressing that thanks to the high quality and large variety of attractions offered by the destination, the domestic tourism market was able to register a great increase in visitors during the past summer season.

Finally, the Cancun OVC and Cancun Hotel Association officials cited that they are looking to the future of tourism with optimism and are cautiously working to creatively generate more tourism for Cancun, with the support of the their business partners.


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