The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun begins its release of baby turtles

CANCUN, México – July 29, 2009 – The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun begins its sea turtle releases with the birth of Ixchel, the first baby turtle to hatch from the Turtle Camp of the award wining resort. During the months of August through November guests may have the privilege of witnessing the miracle of life and be in direct contact with wildlife in its most authentic and natural state.

Each year, the extensive white-sand beach of the hotel becomes a shelter where Sea Turtles arrive at night to nest. In order to support them, the resort has created a Turtle Camp, an ecological conservation program which invites guests to live the gratifying experience of protecting turtles.

Ixchel is named in honor of the Moon Goddess who according to Mayan mythology looks after voyagers. It is a White turtle whose mother was the first to come ashore to nest at the hotel’s beach on June 6th, 2009.

“Over the last 16 years we have protected more than 1,200 turtle nests and released around 185,000 baby turtles. The guests who have had the privilege to participate in our Turtle Camp return home with a cherished memory of their stay with us. As we create environment awareness, visitors experience a unique and memorable encounter with nature” mentioned Hermann Elger, general manager.

If nature allows, during their stay visitors can release baby turtles into the sea assisted by the hotel’s volunteers or Kanan’Ak, meaning turtle guardian in the Mayan language. The Kanan’Ak who are certified by the Cancun’s Department of Ecology offers brief talks about the importance of safeguarding animal life, especially the Sea Turtles who are in danger of extinction.

For more information about Cancun and the Ritz Carlton hotel please visit


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