Xcaret will be host of the World Environment Day, the First American Continental World Boxing Congress and more news


Quintana Roo to host World Environment Day.
The festivities for World Environment Day this June 5th will take place on a great stage: the natural landscapes of Quintana Roo. The celebration will be televised to over 180 countries around the globe and according to the Environmental and Natural Resources Secretary, Juan Elvira, Quintana Roo has already prepared the richest natural habitats of Xcaret for the occasion. The scenic beauty of Quintana Roo during World Environment Day shall serve as an incentive to become aware and conscious of the effects global warming can have on the planet.

Plaza Forum: Much more than a great place for shopping
With the same festive spirit of Cancun, Plaza Forum transforms itself into an entertainment stage going beyond its commercial mission with permanent performances in the lobby and consolidating its place as a leading attraction for its visitors. Committed to the conservation of the environment and to the natural habitat of Cancun, Plaza Forum has also joined forces with Rainforest Café. Together, they will bring the children of Cancun the event “Healthy Planet,” as part of their responsibility of educating the new generation about taking care of the planet.

Cancun takes charge of continental boxing
Everyone awaits the participants of the First American Continental World Boxing Congress to take place in Cancun on June 3-7. Hundreds will restructure the 4 federations of this sport and will elect their new board of directors. The presence of Jose Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Confederation, at the hotels Royal in Cancun and Gran Caribe Real—where the conference will take place—will reaffirm Cancun as the Caribbean capital of emotions.

Amstar DMC Mexico receives award in Beijing
Amstar DMC Mexico’s work in promoting the country as a tourist destination for the Chinese was awarded the Bronze medal at the Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award Ceremony in 2009, under the “marketing” category. The award ceremony took place this past April in Beijing during the China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market, organized by China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, in order to recognize the international tourism entities, that with its excellent products and services, stimulate the growth and development of the tourism market in this nation. This annual award, which started in 2004, reaffirms the leadership of Amstar DMC Mexico, specializing that every tourist entering the country has the opportunity to experience something unforgettable.

Cancun travels on wheels towards US cities
On June 23rd the Roadshow 2009 will roll into San Diego and Los Angeles for a two day visit courtesy of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau and Global Incentives Management, DMC. The participants will share banquets with groups of 30 to 40 meeting planners from each city, to which a mini-trade show with the participation of hotels and service providers to Cancun, will be placed. The show will be a multimedia presentation about the exclusive possibilities Cancun offers travelers and tourists.

Dolphins at the Pino Suarez subway station
Dolphins jump in the corridors of the Pino Suarez subway station, as travelers walk along a path of 14 display windows that the institute Via Delphi has put in place as part of the Investigation of Aquatic Mammals AC. The exposition, “Dolphins in the Subway,” gathers groups of dolphins in the most unimaginable places and is made possible through the support of System of Collective Transportation, and the Government of Mexico City, in order to surround the terrestrial tunnels with marine life, bringing users of the subway system the interesting existence of these intelligent and organized mammals.

Congress to contribute towards the progress of tourism industry education
Adding new academic resources for the development of professionals, collaborators, and university students that are competent and efficient for the tourism industry is the objective of the Second Human Capital Congress of the Mexican Caribbean, taking place on June 24th and 25th in the halls of the Cancun Center. With the participation of 18 specialists from the University of the Caribbean, University Anahuac of Cancun, and Interamericana University of Puerto Rico, as well as from entrepreneurs committed to the objectives of the event, this conference proposes to improve even more so the perfect, globally recognized hospitality industry of Quintana Roo and Mexico, that is already something to be proud of.


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