Good news for Cancun….

Cancun, Quintana Roo 25 May 2009.  Events and  activities happening in Cancún.

• A big party with the Stars Game of Cancún at the “Beto Avila”
• The finals of the third El Rey Polo Cup
• Cancun nightlife updates

 • Next Sunday June 7th Cancun there will be a big party, at the “Beto Avila” Park with the 77th Half Campaign’s Classic’s Edition and Home Run Derby. The summer baseball main leader in our country, Escalante Bolio said everything is now ready for this big party, to which they had to make some adjustments and he added – “ In the last assembly that LMB,(Baseball Mexican league) the Stars Game was confirmed for Cancún, and it will all be on the one day, Sunday, 7th June.  Activities will begin at 10:30 am with the presidents assembly, then at 2 pm the prize giving lunch, where only the special appointments trophies will be awarded, and in the field at 5 pm we will have the Home Run Derby.

• On the June 6th, Xel-ha celebrates the Honey’s Crop’s Ceremony of “Xunaan Cab” or Melipone Bee, where a Mayan priest comes to the home of Xel-Há and leads a ritual in which one gives thanks to the Mayan deities for its blessings for the bees’ fertility. The melipone bee’s or Mayan bee’s is the fact that the bee does  not have a sting, and the honey which it produces has a high nourishing and medicinal value.
During the ceremony, there are Mayan musicians and then begins the extraction of the honey from the ‘jobones’  which are hollows in the tree trunks made by the beehives. In addition to the prayers in front of the altar, decorated with candles, cups and crosses, and food typical to the region is offered.
The offerings are the “Saka” or “ Sisool “, a kind of sacred drink which is prepared with parboiled corn and sweetened with the honey of the Xunaan Cab, and served in cups; braised chicken and two servings of thirteen tortillas

• The third El Rey Polo Cup ended with great news for Cancún and Puerto Morelos.  Three personalities involved in the Third edition of El Rey Polo Cup predict an amazing future for this sport in the Mexican Caribbean.  Manolo Calvo, Miguel Ángel Lemus and Arturo Marcelín, well known businessmen, supported the Third edition El Rey Polo Cup and achieved great results.

Beyond the team’s victory, integrated by players of Hacienda Andalucía, remains the  promise for the immediate future, to develop this exquisite sport known as the sport of kings in which the lineage does not matter as much as the strength and vigor, and also a lot of recklessness when one is on the back of a beautiful horse weighing 993 pounds or more.

• And for the weekend Coco Bongo opens its doors carrying out strict health regulations such as: previously disinfected areas, disposable glasses, antibacterial soaps in bathrooms, staff checked for healthiness, “We want Coco Bongo to be the best Entertainment Center of the Mexican Caribbean and also a safe place for our customers and employees” says Jorge Caamaño, Commercial Manager.

• Every Tuesday The City organizes a party on Playa Cabana.  This place is unique in Cancún because of its great environment, it even has comfortable huts for its exclusive customers to enjoy their drinks. Starting at 10.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays the City presents its best shows.

• Every Wednesday the Bulldog Cancún  has a Bikini Contest and Beach party, on Fridays, Living Weekend party and on Saturdays, Live DJ.  Bulldog has a capacity for 1800 people in concert format and 730 people in cocktail format, five perfectly situated bars, private areas for groups, VIP room with jacuzzi, stage for musical bands (with necessary facilities), 2 giant screens and robotic lights to enjoy a great party.

• A classic for Cancun´s stylish people is Club Nights; a concept that started in 2005 in a bar conveniently located in the city center where the people shared the taste for more bohemian nights. Nowadays, Club Nights updates with a new pop concept into Live, Karaoke and Concert Hall, a Freedom Group concept where there is a mix of karaoke, music videos, DJ music and a live band with a retro décor and fashion bringing the best music of 80’s and 90’s.

• Mexicana Group reports: that throughout the years the airline has been managed by the norms established by the authorities which head the aeronautical sector around the world, such as IATA (International Air Transport Association), DGAC Mexico (Head Management of Civilian Aeronautics), WHO (World Organization of the Health) and diverse entities which govern the task of the airline in countries where it operates.  It is safe to travel with Mexicana because it takes care of health by ensuring a healthy environment, and because all the food used on board is carefully prepared under strict norms of hygiene and quality, ensuring a nutritional balance, characteristics which are not lost during its transfer to the plane, which guarantees the quality of the food.


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