Life is delicious in the sea in Cancun

  • The first two sculptures of the Museum of Underwater Sculptures in Cancun will soon be installed
  • The Sportfishing Tournaments will soon be held in Puerto Morelos and Cozumel
  • All ready for the Sacred Mayan Crossing

 Cancun, Quintana Roo, 8th May 2009.  Cancun has great news for scuba diving, swimming and snorkelling fanatics.  Thanks to their positions oposite the Great Mesoamerican Reef and the Nichupte Lagoon system, Cancun and Puerto Morelos are the ideal destinations for practising water sports such as the ones that are programmed soon:

 One of the most important nautical projects undertaken this year in the coral reefs of the National Marine Park of the Occidental Coast in Isla Mujers, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc, is the Museum of Underwater Sculpture in Cancun, where they will submerge sculptures that will serve as new reefs, and be the refuge for multicoloured fish.

 This project will not only attract visitors to admire the underwater art made by the London sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor, but will also ease the number of people exploring the natural reefs.  The authorities from the Marina Park and the Nautical Associates from Cancun confirmed that this first stage will be achieved with federal funds contributed by the Community Projects for Sustainable Development Program (PROCODES), along with contributions from the association itself.  The first two sculptures will soon be installed at a depth of 4 meters and will be named the Garden of Hope and the Keeper of Dreams.  These represent the synthesis between art and science because once they are submerged, fragments of broken, live coral, taken from areas that have been harmed by human or natural activities will be placed on it.  This technique has been established as a procedure for reef conservation, as it provides a new adequate substratum for the rescued coral.

 The second stage of this artistic proposal involves 200 more sculptures made of a special concrete which has the adequate resistance and alkalinity for durability without harming the marine species.

 On 30th May the 4th International Swimming Marathon in Open Waters, from Cancun to Isla Mujeres “Por la Libre 2009” will take place.  The event is organized by the AMC Association of Master of the Caribbean and Starc Productions, with the support of the state association Swimmers of Quintana Roo and the Mexican Swimming Federation.

 Under the logo “Put your Heart into Your Swimming” the organizers will develop many events in the state of Quintana Roo to promote this discipline, and support noble causes.  The event is known for its friendly family atmosphere.

 The National Sport-fishing Tournament in Cozumel will take place from the 15th – 17th May and is open to all registered Mexican boats.  It is a traditional event and is being celebrated for the 38th time by the island.  This has now been named as one of the most important fishing events in the country owing to 195 boats and 1300 fisherman taking part in the 2008 edition.

 The third edition of the Sacred Mayan Crossing will take place from the 21-23rd May this year.  Thirty 8 meter canoes will depart with a crew of 4-6 rowers.  The aim is to cross the Cozumel Canal from Pole, modern day Xcaret, to the island of Cuzamil, now named Cozumel, and the next day cross to Xamanha, now named Playa del Carmen.

 The Sacred Mayan Crossing is a recreation of the ritual pilgrimage undertaken by the inhabitants of these villages in the Yucatan Peninsula to worship the goddess Ix Chel (the goddess of fertility) and consult her oracle.

 Once the crossing begins the 30 canoes destined for Cozumel will travel about 28 kilometers, one way, which represents about 6-7 hours of continual rowing in the open sea with a depth of 420 meters and south to north currents of about 2-4 knots.  This is why all the participating canoeists started rowing, swimming, floating and physical fitness training since last February.

 The Sacred Mayan Crossing takes us back to the Mayan past during the 11th century AD to the XVl century AD with its rich history and cultural legacy.   It is a live example of the relationship between the Maya and all things sacred.  Relive the bravery and audacity of these ancient mariners that contributed to the spendour of their culture in the Yucatan Peninsula through their commercial networks.  Today it is a tradition that the people of Quintana Roo look forward to year after year.

 The tours to the Isla Contoy National Park continue as usual, on Thursday and Sunday on board the caravelle “La Pinta” with Colon Tours, and on Tuesday and Saturday with Naveria Asterix.

 Isla Contoy is the oldest Natural Protected Area in Quintana Roo, decreed as a Natural Reserve Zone on the 19th January 1961.  Within the park there are three endangered species of marine turtle, Blanca, carey and caguama.  It is also the refuge for the most important marine birds in the Mexican Caribbean Sea, home to 150 migratory, resident and occasional birds.

 The 7th May the hotel chain Palace Resorts, announced through the Palace Resorts Foundation that the 2009 Season for the Integral Program for the Conservation of the Marine Turtle, which as just in the last three years managed to protect nearly 3000 nests and set free in the ocean more than 338 babies of this species which is in danger or extinction in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

 The Palace Resorts Foundation A.C. works widely with the municipal, state and federal authorities and shares this ecological experience with the guests, collaborators and visitors, especially children with special needs, as a means of sensitivity to nature.

 There are grand expectations among fishing fans for the XX Sport-fishing Tournament in Puerto Morelos taking place from the 29-31st May and finishing o the 1st June to celebrate the XCll Anniversary of the National Navy.  This tournament brings together more than 100 boats and 500 fishermen, and has become a tradition in the Mexican Caribbean.


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