Enjoy your Cancun vacation in a safe and enjoyable environment

The recently updated Mexico Travel Alert has been broadly misinterpreted by media and consumers. The alert does not discourage U.S. citizens from traveling to Mexico, but instead encourages travelers to take common sense precautions to ensure that travel to Mexico is safe and enjoyable. To get a pulse on how vacationers who recently returned from Mexico felt about their safety and experience we have the results of a recent consumer survey.

From March 6 – 15, 2009, more than 900 responses were received from travelers who took a vacation to Mexico between October 2008 and March 2009. The results were overwhelmingly positive with 97% of those surveyed indicating they would return to Mexico for another vacation and 90% of all respondents agreeing to the statement “I felt safe and secure.” Of the respondents who agreed to feeling safe and secure, 92% traveled in 2009 and 88% traveled in 2008, indicating that a growing number of travelers felt safe and secure in Mexico in 2009.

The majority of respondents vacationed in Cancun/Riviera Maya, the most popular leisure destination in Mexico, which is more than 1,300 miles from the nearest U.S./Mexico border town referred to in the updated Mexico Travel Alert. To view a map of Mexico that includes tourist destinations, border towns and mileage, visit Mexico-Update.com, a website recently launched by the Mexico Tourism Board to address travelers’ questions about travel and safety in Mexico.  The concentration of drug cartel violence that caused the U.S. Department of State to update the alert is hundreds of miles away from Cancun and the Riviera Maya and other main tourist areas.

We trust that this reassures you that Cancun is still an incredibly safe place to enjoy a fantastic vacation.  For more information about Cancun and planning your vacation please visit www.cancun.travel.


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