Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cancun

romanticWhat better way to impress a loved one than to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cancun.  Cancun is one of the most romantic places on earth at any time of year with its white powder sand beaches and turquoise blue waters.  This is why so many people choose to have their wedding in Cancun or come here to celebrate a special anniversary. You would be amazed how many people propose marriage during their Cancun vacation after being swept off their feet with the romance of the setting.

If you happen to be in Cancun on Valentine’s Day you will be spoilt for choice if you are looking for an extra special place to spend a romantic evening.  Take a look at our Cancun Eating Out Guide www.cancun.travel/eating-out/?category=romantic for information on the most romantic restaurants in Cancun, many of them with beautiful views over the ocean or over the lagoon.  Most of them offer a special Valentine’s Day menu.

If you  want to book something really unique why not a sunset sail sipping cocktails on a private yacht, or a tranquil dinner cruise on the romantic and calm waters of the lagoon.

For those of you looking for that extra special gift for your loved one, then head to Luxury Avenue with its exclusive and luxurious boutiques, or take a look at our Cancun Shopping Guide www.cancun.travel/en/things-to-do/shopping for more information on where you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Many people come on a Cancun vacation specifically to be pampered at one of our 30 spa hotels where you can enjoy all kinds of delicious and relaxing treatments.  Why not book yourself in for a body wrap and massage together before you head off for your romantic Valentine’s evening.  You will find more information about spas in Cancun at www.cancun.travel/en/things-to-do/spas.

Use some of our tips on where to go and you are sure to spend a most memorable Valentine’s Day in Cancun.


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