Delphinus – 11 new baby dolphins born in 2008

swim-with-dolphins1Delphinus is a Mexican chain of dolphinariums achieving huge success in their dolphin breeding program. In 2008 Delphinus just had a worldwide record number of births – 11 pups born in one year with 100% survival rate!   This is an unprecedented number of births in any dolphinarium in the world.

Here is some interesting information regarding the dolphins’ breeding program:

  • The Delphinus veterinary team monitors the ideal moment for female dolphins’ ovulation using ultrasound. 
  • Breeding groups are formed with receptive males and females for mating. 
  • 2 months after fertilization, veterinarians confirm the pregnancy using ultrasound. The pregnancy lasts for 12 months.
  •  As of the tenth month, pregnant females stop interacting with the visitors and wait for the moment of birth under their vet’s supervision. 
  • The birth lasts 45 minutes in average, from the moment the dolphin’s tail fin shows, until the little one breaths for the first time. 
  • Dolphin pups weigh approximately 14 kilograms at birth.
  •  At birth, dolphin pups have little hairs similar to dogs or cats whiskers. It is thought that these hairs are tactile, because they help them find their mothers breasts to get the their milk.
  • In order to ensure the pup’s healthy development, it remains next to the mother until the age of 2, in spite of the fact that at this age it is almost the size of an adult dolphin. This contact is fundamental, since the mother will teach the calf everything it needs to know in order to survive in the ocean. In the case of dolphins in bordered natural environments, such as the case of Delphinus, the calf will learn faster through the mother’s example the husbandry behaviors for the care of its health as well as for the interaction with human beings.

To find out more information about Delphinus or to visit one of their dolphinariums please visit


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