World Art Vision – Cancun 2008

World Art Vision has an exhibition in the Cancun Convention Center from the 5th – 14th December.  There will be work from more than 100 different artists on display.

It has now been confirmed that two of  ‘Los Fridos’, Arturo Garcia Bustos and Arturo Estrada  will be attending.  The ‘Fridos’ got their name as students of the Frida Kahlo, Mexico’s most famous female artist of the 20th century.  Rina Lazo, pupil of Diego Rivera will also be attending.

Today, Rina Lazo and Arturo García Bustos are two of Mexico’s most treasured artists.  Under the tutelage of the great Mexican Masters, Rina and Arturo have taken a prominent role in the development of Mexican art. Today, Arturo García Bustos is recognized as one of the greatest Mexican lithographers and as one of the best Mexican painters and muralists.

Please visit for more information on World Art Vision Cancun 2008.


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